Taking Action First Leads to “Feeling Good” as You’re Doing the Hard Work

Hani Ameri
7 min readJun 26, 2022

Just Do the Work and Feel Good!

Idea, Plan and Action Words
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As you can imagine, having a primary focus on action over feelings has not been easy. I have struggled with it and still do.

However, as time has passed and I have grown, so has my understanding of this principle. I think it only makes sense when you are exposed to it for long enough and in the right amount.

When you first dive into this “action-first” mindset, it feels like there is no way you could ever feel good about yourself again… but man, was I wrong if you’re reading this right now and thinking, “can someone please just explain what the hell Action First Leading means?” then keep reading because that’s precisely what I am going to do in this post!

1. Right Feelings Follow Right Actions

The first step in understanding this principle is understanding what right feelings are.

They are the emotions you feel when you do something good for yourself.

When you love yourself and act in ways that align with your intentions, peace and a sense of fulfillment come from these actions. What should your primary focus be?

Your thoughts or your actions? It’s all about balance.

If you focus on the views, you will have more doubts about not acting, but if you focus on the action and get into a rhythm, those doubts will go away, and you will naturally feel good doing it.

2. Have Faith in Your Plan of Action

Before taking the first action, it is essential to have a clear and concise plan for your goal.

This may seem like a no-brainer, and you may not even need me to tell you this, but when I was first starting, I would always think about how I would feel if my goal didn’t work out or how hard the process was going to be.

That little voice was always telling me not to do it because it seemed too much. The problem with this was that it created many false starts and wasted time.

Action First Leading transfers over into living an active lifestyle where you are learning and growing every day.

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