How to Avoid Pitfalls When You Start a Learning Journey with This Crystal Clear Vision?

Hani Ameri
14 min readNov 3, 2020

Action Required Urgently!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What do you think about the Abundance of information in our lives?

Hundreds of millions of people type on the Search Engines;

How to ?— question looking for information daily!

Here is the thing; if the information were all that people need, everybody would be successful, and life will be a bed of roses.


People would be precisely where they wanted to be in their lives or businesses.

Let me give you an example to explain what I mean, everybody knows how to lose weight, how to get fit, everybody knows there’s only two things you have to do, a healthy diet and exercise.

And yet hundreds of millions are overweight.

So just knowing the information is not enough.


Hopefully, you agree with me when I say that it will help you so much if you’re getting ready to start a learning journey.

Before you set out your learning journey, wouldn’t you want to know if there will be some pitfalls that may throw you out of your A-game?

Wouldn’t you want to know about those ahead of time so that you can be mentally prepared for them?

No doubt, you would!

Okay, so if you are excited about this journey and you’re serious about preparing your mind to succeed, take the time to read on.

I have started my learning journey in early 2017, mostly to learn how to work online.

I was excited, and I bought a lot of training courses. I attended tonnes of Webinars, Seminars, business shows, I read and listened to 82 books. I hired 2 Mentors and 3 Coaches.

I learned a lot but couldn’t make it very successful because I focused on consuming the information without regular practice or taking action.

You’ll understand the main reason as you’re reading.

My concern for you is that; you will get excited and ready to give it a go!

Hani Ameri

Trying to encourage you to go out there to make the shift toward a Growth Mindset. Review, Consume and Create. Cut the mustard for your success. Let’s connect!