7 Principles That Can Help You Live a Happier and More Fulfilling Life ·

Hani Ameri
6 min readAug 2, 2022
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When was the last time you asked yourself why you are the person you are today?

Do you feel your life is going through the motions and there isn’t much meaning to your days?

If so, chances are you aren’t living a very joyful or fulfilling life.

But what does it mean to have a happy and fulfilling life?

This article will explore essential principles to help you live a happier, more meaningful existence.

By following these simple principles, you will see a change in your outlook on life and how your actions impact those around you.

As soon as you appreciate the small things in life, you will be more grateful for them instead of taking them for granted.

And most importantly, people around you will see a positive change in how they respond to you.

Nothing Should be Expected; Everything Should be Appreciated

This principle is by far the most important in terms of happiness.

When you stop expecting things to go a certain way and start appreciating everything that comes your way, you truly live the life you deserve.

When you can appreciate everything that happens around you, it becomes easy to see the good in your life.

You will start to notice how much beauty lies around every corner and how lucky you are to be alive daily.

Throughout the day, there are many occasions when we can lose ourselves and forget what we have right in front of us.

This principle reminds us not to take anything for granted and enjoy the small things in life instead of pushing them away.

Have Patience on the Macro Level and be Fast on the Micro Level

Many people are unaware of a profound lesson: The concept of time is infinite, but life is limited.

Whatever age you’re at, you don’t know how much time you’ve left to pursue your dreams, regardless of how old you are.

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